Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My full day

My day
Once a week is not enough to write – but writing something that even attempts to be profound takes time. At 12:30 PM, I haven’t the energy. So here is a typical dormgrandpop Tuesday.
7 AM - Tennis and meeting on AU issues with SIS Dean
11 AM – Meeting with Sri Lankan attorney and Hubert Humphrey fellow on her year project. She has been at AU since August, researching conflict in Sri Lanka, and it took her this long to find out that I was year as a resource to help with her work. Interesting.
12 PM Brief meeting with staff members; answer emails
1:35 PM Bike to AU Wisconsin Avenue Annex for OIT Director’s meeting.
4:00 PM Private meeting with OIT Executive Director
4:45 Meet with staff and try to catch up on accumulated emails, without much success
5:40 Anderson Hall ‘Office Hours’ - Meeting with Honors student on final project which I am advising. Subject is a film on perceptions of terrorists. Meeting with graduate students on a computer modeling projects studying the impact of CO2 emissions control policies in Portland Oregon and the surrounding county.
8:30 Dinner. Prepare for systems analysis course; review student projects
9:30 Floor program in Letts Hall on dealing with differences in political attitudes.
10:30 Try to catch up on a pile of unanswered emails
11:00 Anderson Hall Resident Assistant Staff Meeting
12:15. Start writing this Blog
It was cold but a beautiful day for biking from main campus to the annex. No need to put the bike aside in cold weather.
Good night!


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