Thursday, June 01, 2006

A human scale Memorial Day parade

In Washington DC, those attending Memorial Day festivities were advised to take metro, but it was not hard to find a parking space close to the old courthouse on Warrenton Old Town’s Main Street. The parade start time and been listed in THE FAQUIER DEMOCRAT, our local newspaper, at 10 AM, but there was plenty of space and event the stone steps of a building on which to sit when we arrived. And the Parade began a few minutes late. Participating were:

A police cruiser,
A local dignitary – I believe a State Senator riding in a convertible
4 members of a local unicycle club
About 20 veterans walking (my military service qualified me as a marcher, but I chose the role of spectator.)
Several older veterans, not up to the rigors of marching, riding in a convertible
A Cub Scout pack – about 30 cubs and parents
A Girl Scout troop and parents
A Boy Scout Troop, with a scoutmaster in uniform and parents
A Brownie Scout Troop with parents
The combined bands of Warrenton High School and Liberty High School, numbering about 100 total. And finally….
Two fire engines from the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department.

The parade lasted about 20 minutes and was to be followed by speeches at the Cemetery. We gave those a pass, choosing instead to sit with friends in the beautiful garden of their ante-bellum home, sipping ice tea.

All in all, a very satisfactory Memorial Day celebration.


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