Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My day

It’s the end of a long day, and I’m not feeling very profound or creative, so I thought I would simply tell you how I spent my day. I am reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Roosevelt, who wrote a column entitled “My Day” each day of the week. These are collected in a book, in case you would like to read them.

6:30 off to play tennis with the Dean
7:00-8:45. Tennis. It was hot and humid, but we ran each other all over the courts as we always do. Each of us won one set.
10:15. Check in with CTE staff. Telephone conference about the portable sound system for the upcoming Board of Director’s meeting. (During this period the Senate Committee for Information Resources and Technology was meeting, however my calendar showed the meeting at 11:00 rather than 10 so I missed it.
12:00-12:30. Meeting with CTE Associate Director to discuss and plan several upcoming projects.
12:40 Meeting with new assistant to plan dinners for the fall and other aspects of her job. Reviewed piled up mail and set tasks to follow up action items.
1:50 Rode bicycle to 4620 Wisconsin Avenue for weekly meeting of Office of Information Technology Directors.
2:00-4:00 OIT Director’s meeting. Focus was on business continuity issues involving the AU computer assisted educational software, the Blackboard Learning System.
4:00-4:15 Rode bicycle back to main campus
4:15-5:45 Caught up with staff, answered phone and email messages and prepared the agenda for tomorrows Management Group meeting; held brief meeting with another Associate Director to discuss plans for Board of Trustees meeting and other issues.
5:45-6:00 Bicycled to Anderson.
6:00-6:15. Took power nap.
6:15-8:30 Office hours in Anderson Hall. Had brief meetings with four undergraduates and a long meeting with an MA student who just completed her thesis research about disseminating her findings and career planning.
8:30-10:00 Anderson Hall Staff meeting
10:10-10:30 Writing this blog
10:30-10:45 Meeting with Anderson resident director about a deferred maintenance request.
10:45-11:15. Finishing and posting blog.
11:15-11:30. Fold laundry and bed.


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