Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stepping down as CTE Director and sharing the news with friends

After seven years, I have decided to step down as Director of AU’s Center for Teaching Excellence. Before there was an official announcement, I chose to share the news with a few close colleagues. Here is the note I wrote to AU’s former Provost and Interim President, Milton Greenberg, about whom I have written in a few previous postings.

Dear Milton,
In advance of a formal announcement, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to step down as CTE Director. While the exact date is not certain, my expectation is that it will be before the first of July. Provost Bass will, I expect, be informing faculty members of this transition shortly. I have asked to take a one year sabbatical to work on two long planned books and then return to full-time teaching and research as an International Development faculty member in the School of International Service.

Though this is clearly the time to move on, there are many things that I will miss about serving as CTE Director. One is the annual opportunity to introduce you at the welcoming reception for Greenberg Seminar participants and the motivation that event always provided me to read your latest columns. Also, I looked forward to the opportunity to catch up with you that those events provided. I plan to continue reading your columns and will be seeking out other opportunities to keep in touch. But let me take this opportunity, while still in an ‘official’ capacity, to thank you for support of the Greenberg program and you many kind works about the program and our work in CTE. They have meant a lot to all of us.

With new leadership in the Office of the Provost and a new Dean of Academic Affairs, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Research, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and, now, Director of CTE yet to be chosen, this is clearly a time of transition for Academic Affairs at AU. As in the past, I am sure we will survive the turbulence such transitions entail, moving forward with resilience and new strength. I look forward to participating in that process, albeit in a more modest role. Perhaps there will be grist for future columns as you view all of this with characteristic humor, detachment and wisdom.

With respect, warm regards and best wishes


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