Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hubris, it’s always waiting to pounce on the self-satisfied

This was one of those perfectly planned and executed travel mornings. Even though I worked later than I had planned, I was able to pack for 9 day stay Sri lankan stay in record time. I booked a taxi and (this being Singapore) it awaited me as I emerged from my apartment at 4:15 AM. I had been warned by Sri Lankan airlines to arrive two hours early but (this being Singapore) I arrived at the Airport at 4:55 and was fully checked in by 5:10. There was time for a leisurely breakfast, answering of emails and blog writing.

Life was good until I got to the security check point, which in Singapore is at the departure gate. This makes lines shorter and the process less demeaning. I always carry my Swiss army knife in my backpack and, during a somewhat rushed a packing evening had completely forgotten to remove it. Usually being prepared for security check is a preoccupation. This time I had given it no thought at all in my packing. Security staff also confiscated a small screwdriver that I use to repair my glasses. Happily I was able to present an image of a cheerful and well intended, if absent minded professor rather than a potential hijacker. They allowed me to board without any further problems. The rest of the day went smoothly except that: my airport taxi got lost trying to find my new housing destination and, no one was on hand at the AISLS offices when I arrived - it was locked tightly.

But as we say in Sri Lanka, these were ‘small problems,‘ resolved with little difficulty. I am now - more or less - comfortably settled, adjusting to life without air conditioning and seeking to fend off future attacks of hubris by living life humbly, without self-satisfaction.


Blogger Beth S said...

Dear John,

At least it wasn't your laptop! I will never forget that saga.



6:34 AM  

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