Friday, October 22, 2010

Nelson Mandela in his own words

This is "pledge week" for public radio in Washington DC. I am a regular listener to American University's public radio station, WAMU. I appreciate the need for private funding in in a society where the notion that government should support anything worthwhile, excepting "national defense" and privileges for those with resources to make political contributions, is eroding. So I make my contribution and then listen to the BBC on line. This morning, there was a BBC documentary, Nelson Mandela in his own words. It is based on Mandela's extensive diaries and letters dating back to the time that he was first incarcerated. This is definitely worth listening to as a starting point for furtther explorations into the writings of this remarkable historical figure.

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I've always loved the Mandela speech he gave under the Apotheosis of Washington accepting the Congressional Gold Medal, maybe not his most important speech, but it shows his exceptional ability as a speaker:

I was surprised by Dean Goodman's announcement, but it seems the big boss always leaves when I show up. Third time now! Undergrad and at my first job out of college this happened also...

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Formatting issues are driving my crazy here... sorry for the multiple deletes...

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