Monday, August 20, 2012

Authority Pleasing and Rule Following will not Prepare us for an Uncertain Future

20 Agust 2012
I am the process of reviewing more than 600 blog postings with the thought that I might include some of them in a book.  Here is one that I thought merited a repeat posting at a time when US university education is undergoing serious scrutiny and change, not necessarily for the better.

The authority pleasing, questioning suppressing, rule-following approach to education may have served to provide society with assembly line-workers and bureaucrats, but it does not do much to prepare us for a new Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci’s life was an exercise of creative problem solving of the very highest order. The principle of Curiosita provides the primary key to his method. It beings with an intense curiosity and an open mind, and proceeds with a stream of questions asked from different perspectives.

Michael Gelb, How to think like Leonardo da Vinci, pp. 66-67.

Did you know that the Latin root of "education" is educare, which means "to draw forth?"

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