Sunday, October 24, 2004

What caused Gandhi most concern

The Essential Gandhi is a book I often read from early in the morning. The following, which I read this morning, seemed like something that a professor - and perhaps university students too - might reflect upon.

An American clergyman once asked Gandhi what caused him most concern. “The hardness of heart of the educated,” he replied. (p235)


Blogger Matthias said...

Ignorance is bliss, but not just for the ignorant. it does seem that the educated raise themselves upon a pedestal (which to be sure is perhaps the right place for them) but the surrounding clouds prevent them from seeing the ground.

It is possible that I'm making little to no sense.

Also, this is an interesting idea, a professor living with the students. I often wondered how my professors would have fared in the dorms with me and my dormmates.

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