Monday, November 08, 2004

Flying without wings

· Gandhi was imprisoned by the British on several occasions – during World War II, imprisonment was for an extended period. He was almost always well treated, though insisting he be given no ‘special privileges.’ After being imprisoned for organizing the ‘salt march,’ civil disobedience directed against a tax on salt, he wrote the following to the children of his ashram.

Little birds, ordinary birds cannot fly without wings. With wings, of course, all can learn to fly. But if you, without wings, will learn to fly, they all your troubles will indeed be at an end. And I will teach you.

See, I have no wings, yet I come flying to you every day in thought. Look, here is little Vimila, here is Hari and here is Dharmakumar. And you can also come flying to me in thought.

Send me a letter signed by all, and those who do not know how sign may make a cross. Bapu’s blessings.

(Signing on is certainly a breeze at 7:30 AM. In contrast to 11:30 PM)


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