Sunday, January 09, 2005

Constructive Discontent

Here is a great passage from Gems of Buddhist Wisdom that I read this morning. In fact I am going to make it the theme for my CTE Management Group meeting this Wednesday. I have made some minor edits to frame it in gender neutral language.

Every human being is part of the world and is responsible for what goes on in it. We must be concerned as to whether or not society is becoming more humanized. We must ask ourselves what we are doing to bring about a better order of things. This is the ethical view by which life takes on a serious aspect and is given an incentive. Such a life is the really happy life. Then we can become constructively discontented with the present order of things and proceed happily to do something about it.

My Anderson One North neighbors are back and it is good to see them. I can see amazing changes in some of the freshmen, even after just one semester. We are going to have movie nights on Thursdays, which should be fun.

I hope everyone had a great break. I was mostly here managing the blackboard upgrade, but did get to spend about eight days on the farm. Two afternoons I split about half a cord of wood, which was a great change from the head stuff that professors most often do.

I am teachiing this spring, Systems Analysis for Management, Development and the Environment, which will provide me with even more opportunities for effective time management. Check out the course website if you are interested at


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