Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Secret of Happiness

I need to figure how to get out of my office before 10:30 at night. This must not be healthy and I seem to be coming down with my third cold of the season. A colleague told me this afternoon, that he carries alcholol wipes with him and rinses off his hands frequently. He didn't say how many colds he had contracted, so far.

We had a very successful conferrence this evening for AU's adjunct faculty. This is a new CTE innovation, which has been very well received. The software upgrade seems to be going smoothly too.

On her show, this morning, Diane Ream (WAMU) interviewed a Psychiatrist to who had written a book compiling thirty years of his psychiatric experience. The book is entitled Too Fast Old; Too Late Smart. Here his definition of happiness.

"Something to do"
"Someone to love"
"Hope for the future"

Not bad...

He also shared another useful insight: "The person who controls a relationship is the on who cares least about it.

Good night.....


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