Monday, December 13, 2004

Exploring issues at the intersection between feminism, spirituality and the envrionment: The TOPS program.

This is the time when Christmas (holiday) newsletters begin to arrive and this weekend I received one from a remarkable couple who have had a life-changing influence on my life and the world. They are authors/lecturer/ministers Elizabeth and David Dodson Gray. Years ago, they shared their lives and their home with me while worked together to produce a book that I edited (and wrote a good deal of) for the US Association for the Club of Rome, Making it Happen: A Positive Guide to the Future (1973). It was Liz, who in many personal conversations and her writings was able to communicate central ideas of feminist thought in a way that I could understand them. For many years, Liz as also been the leader of the Theogicical Opportunities Program for Women, which is hosted by Harvard Divinity School, though not officially part of the school. This year the program celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

Surprisingly the program has no web site, however a few quotations from the 2003 series will give you the flavor.
- "To Live Ethically: We must Understand How the World Works: Exploring the World of Privilege and Entitlement"
- "Whiteness as a Social Construct"
- "The Cost to Dominants of Their Privilege"
- "Celebrating Women 30 Years of Women's Lives: Women's Spirtuality and Feminism."

You can get information about Liz's books and the the TOPS program by writing to
Roundtable Press
4 Linden Square
Wellesley Mass 023412-4709

Googling her name will produce some information on her books, lectures and pamphlets. Surprisingly she, too, has no website.

If you are interested issues that fall at the intersection between feminism, spirituality and environment, there is no one who writes about these issues more movingly that Elizabeth Dodson Gray.


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