Sunday, February 13, 2005

A full - diverse day

7:00 AM. I was awakened to a crystal clear morning, with sunlight shimmering off the frost in our fields, by the braying sound of a Canada Geese flock overhead. "Braying" may seem an odd term to describe the sound, but the sound could be easily mistaken for a donkey or burro. When I looked out over the field in front of our house, there were five deer grazing.

7:30 Compiling income tax data is something that it is easy to put off until the last minute. This year we vowed that we could get materials to our accountant early and it looks as if we will. With help from last year's template, the tax data was almost fully compiled before church.

10:30 Sunday service at Leeds Church. Quakers give almost no attention to the liturgical seasons of the year, but they are very important to the
Episcopalians. This is the first (or second?) sunday in Lent. The Lenten season commemorates the 40 days that Jesus is said to have spent in the desert, at the end of which he was tempted by Satan. We used the old rite in the book of common prayer (Rite 1), which always brings back memories of services in Colombo Sri Lanka's starkly beautiful Anglican Cathedral.

11:35 After service coffee hour - a gathering time for this close, small community. The snacs are so good that I usually skip lunch. Like church coffee hours everywhere, this is a time to catch up with friends, communityt projects and local gossip. The number of projects this small congregation is engaged with an any one time is amazing - even overwhelming. There will be ample opportunity to make a difference, should I choose to retire in Hume.

12:30 More work on taxes, bill paying, leaving a valentine card and gift for my wife, who is, of course, off horseback riding. Laying a fire, brining in wood and packing up for the drive back to DC

4:30 Cooking dinner for students. Lamb and three vegetable curries, which I started on friday night.

8:00 Dinner for students. Eight guests tonight including an Iraq war veteran. Interesting discussions. Dealing with bad teachers, AU's new Rukkus music system, how science programs could be strengthened at AU and other topics. Interesting conversations.

10:00 Cleanup, with the efficient help of my student assistant. There will be enough curry for the meeting of the faculty resident advisory committee on Tuesday.

11:00 Writing this blog. This "diary" format displays and obvious lack of creativity and reflectiveness - but at least I am getting something down.

11:30 Send an email reminder to CTe staff.

11:45 ( projected) Good night


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