Saturday, January 29, 2005

94 Years Old - Happy Birthday

I can't write much this Saturday morning because I am driving north to my visit my father. We will be celebrating his 94th birthday, today. What is it like to live 94 years? I can't imagine. Since my family is quite long lived, however, I may find out. My father drives, plays golf, enjoys good food, has an incredibly acute mind, is a wonderful conversationalist. One thing about being 94 - you have, essentially, no contemporaries. Everyone that you knew, that you shared your life with is dead. You are always the oldest person in the room.

If I do live to celebrate my 94th birthday, I hope my father's wisdom and sense of inner peace can be a role model. I hope I will still have my wits about me and enjoy a good meal. And I hope that one of my children will be packing his or her bags to come and celebrate with me.


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