Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thoughts on Rukkus (sp?)

Rukkus was a topic of conversation at dinner Sunday night (some great curries were missed by some). Questions were raised to which I didn't have the answer, but today I had lunch with Vice President Gail Hanson and she was helpful. I share the gist of our conversation.

Most important, this really is a trial - it is not a "done deal." Feedback from the residence hall communities is welcomed and important. There will also be several forums before the end of the semester which students can provide feedback. Your feedback can be shared with your RA or RD, with your SC representative, with me and with the head of customer service at the Office of Informaiton Technology, Terry Fernandez.

Though some students, particularly Mac and Ipod users have expressed reservations, a number have also used it extensively. Thousands of songs have been downloaded, so far. Joe Campbell and I are probably the only faculty who have access. I am not a big downloader of music, but will definitely give it a try soon, so I can provide my personal feedback.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is giving a "noontime conversation" on blogging and how it can be used in teaching a week from Wednesday, with Naomi Barron, Patrick Jackson and me speaking. This seems to have generated huge interest among faculty.... interesting.

Professor Joe Campbell spoke about the work he and RD Eric Ratner are doing on the North side and this new faculty in residence (office) program seems to be a huge success. It is to have such creative, high energy colleague involved in campus living and to have a partner with whom I can share experiences and ideas. Perhaps we can nickname Joe "dormuncle."

Next week, I am giving a floor program on "What to do when you have a bad teacher" Any ideas?


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It's Ruckus. Like the word.

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