Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A beautiful snow

On Monday evening I completed my office hours in Anderson Hall – don’t hesitate to take advantage of these – and trekked back to my office at about nine to spend three hours grappling with CTE budget issues. I was not a happy camper as I left my office after midnight. Sometimes I characterize myself as effective – pretty good at getting things done – but not efficient – it seems to take me longer than most. The empirical evidence is found in the fact that my office light burns later than most. This is not something to be particularly proud of, but has been the story of my life, so I probably need to simply accept the fact that this is so.

In any case, as I left Hurst Hall and walked across the quad, toward Anderson, I encountered one of the most beautiful snowfalls I can remember. There was no wind. It was cold enough to be brisk, but not to be uncomfortable. The gold-orange of the sodium vapor lights reflected on the flakes and fallen snow made the scene more beauful. The campus seemed almost completely deserted – this “aloneness” on the quad is an advantage of being a campus dweller who often rises early and turns in late.

By the time I reached the Anderson entrance, the frustrations of the evening had completely dissipated.

I was at peace and feeling good about life... and myself.


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