Friday, March 04, 2005

Dealing Compassionately with Your Enemies and Living Simply

I received this morning, the newsletter of the Gandhi Memorial Center, which is located at 4748 Western Avenue, in Washington D.C. ( It included the following passage.

During his detention in Aga Kahn Palace (during World War II) Gandhi gave Khadi (homespun cotton cloth) handkerchiefs as a birthday present to the jail superintendent. Each one bore the initials of the superintendent embroidered by Gandhi, who was then 74 years old. He never cared for show, but detested a shabby, torn dress. At a meeting when he noticed a hole ina worker’s dress he sent a note, saying “to wear torn clothes is a sign of laziness … I could not appreciate it, for it is not a sign of poverty or simplicity.” Gandhi believed that a simple life, whether rich or poor, can be lived elegantly with dignity.


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