Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two months with Dr. G. and I'm running again

Some years ago, the doorbell of my home in Arlington rang. When I opened it a young woman stood outside. She introduced herself as Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld. “I recently completed my degree in Chiropractic,” she explained “and am calling at homes in your neighborhood to see if this would be a good place to open my practice.” Not only had I never visited a Chiropractor, I had never even met one. (In my family, Chiropractors ranked just above witch doctors in the medical reputability hierarchy). But I was impressed with her self confidence, and said so. I took her card and said I would keep her in mind.

Two months later, following an afternoon of horseback riding, I got up for my early morning tennis game and found that my left leg was nearly paralyzed. When I visited my doctor at Kaiser Permanente (a Georgetown graduate) that afternoon she explained that the problem was with my back. “People your age who exercise frequently have back problems,” she explained. She suggested that I visit Kaiser’s physical therapist and take 12 Ibuprophen each day until the swelling went down and the pain subsided. “What about the lining of my stomach,” I asked. “That shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t take the Ibuprophen for too long, she responded.”

Dr. Gottesfeld’s card was on my desk and I gave her a call. She answered the phone – no secretary – and directed me to her tiny office. After studying X rays she began making adjustments and prescribed a regimen of exercises which I have followed for more than a decade – and no drugs. Because she had also studied sports medicine, she analyzed my tennis stroke and suggested modifications that would be less stressful on my back.

Within six weeks I was back on the tennis court, playing five or six days a week, though I have given up horseback riding. I have been her patient every since and recommend her to everyone. Senior Pete, one of my tennis partners says that if I am diagnosed with cancer, I will probably first check it out with Dr. Gottesfeld. He could be right.

“Dr. G.,” as many of her devoted patients call her, has pads of newsprint in her examining rooms on which her patients can write comments. She has not forgotten the importance of marketing. When I went last week for an adjustment – I play vigorous tennis, singles, and injuries still happen. – the following verse from a patient caught my eye.

Four years of drugs, MRIs and pain
Two months with Dr. G. and I’m running again.

Her visit to my door, years ago, was a gift of grace.


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Anonymous Dr K said...

Just surfing some blogs and stumbled onto to yours. Funny thing is I am a chiropractor. Thanks for spreading the good word about my profession. Unfortunatly its the best kept secret but more and more people are learning the true benefits they can recieve from chiroptactic.

Dr Kaiser

7:19 PM  
Anonymous motherseer said...

You are absolutely right about Dr. Cheryl - she's a miracle worker. I hurt my arm one night in yoga class doing something I shouldn't; it got worse during the night, I couldn't find a position I wasn't in extreme pain, I spent the night propped in a corner crying from pain & couldn't wait for her office to open. She made a couple of adjustments, hooked me up to something that sent current through a spot on my shoulder, and I left there pain-free & it never came back. I LOVE DR. G!

6:32 PM  
Blogger MollyElise said...

I've been searching for a good Chiropractor for the past two years I've lived in the area.

Thank goodness I finally found Dr. G! She is absolutely terrific!

11:59 AM  

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