Thursday, September 15, 2005

A new technology ambience in rural Hungary

Last year, my technological breakthrough was obtaining a permanent mobile phone number in Sri Lanka. But making contact in Europe was still difficult. What a difference a year has made. Less surprising, perhaps, was wireless access in new and modern Munich airport. Plugging in was a snap and two hours of access was a reasonable 12 Euros – more than I needed when my flight was delayed, due to runway construction in Budapest. But even more wondrous was Hungary. The guest house where I am meeting is a modest Communist era lodging, now refurbished, but still with many Communist era accouterments and no elevators. When I was told there was ‘wireless access’ I was skeptical. I remembered similar promises in many hotels in many countries. But not only is there access, it is included as a service – in the dining room and outdoors only, not in our rooms. But a robust 11 Mps with a strong signal. In fact web access is more modern than access to electricity; plugs are a bit difficult to find.

Of course this changes the ambience of such meetings for many of us. There can be no excuse for not keeping up with responsibilities at home. Since meetings fill the day, this group of world class overachievers can – and no doubt will – fill the evenings with work. No longer can there be excuses for not keeping up. Even my Blackberry is functioning, with a strong signal, to interrupt day time activities. Instead of taking a walk – or even a nap – I can respond to emails on my Blackberry or even fire up my wifi.

By next year, I expect there will be wifi in Sri Lanka.

Obviously all of this is a mixed blessing, giving me greater opportunity to manage my time. Or let my work manage me.


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