Monday, December 19, 2005

Speeding truck drivers put my life at risk

I am not a daily commuter to my home in Northwestern Virginia, only a weekly one. But I drive at off hours – often late a night. My car is a small 1986 Honda Civic hatchback,. Because maintenance is a priority for me, the engine still runs beautifully, but it would offer scant protection in a wreck.

Normally, I drive the speed limit or a few miler over and typically in the far right hand lane. Why drivers of heavy trucks feel privileged to hurtle by at eighty miles per hour or more, or, if they cannot pass for a minute, tailgate within twenty or thirty feet of my rear bumper is difficult for me to understand. Also, I wonder why the State Police officers who patrol the highways are not more rigorous in their enforcement of speed limits.

Certainly, I don’t begrudge these drivers the opportunity to early a living. But why do they feel this gives them license to put my life and the lives of others at risk?


Blogger Lone Wolf said...

If you are going over the speed limit, then the truck has to go even faster to get by you. Now the question is, why would the truck need to pass if you are going 5 miles over the limit? Well, lets say an animal runs out in front of you or any other reason that may make you slow down to half your speed or stop. Who is going to stop first, you or the truck? Even if a trucker gives you 3 tractor/trailer lengths, in the case of emergency braking, you would die. Most people driving cars brake hard over many little things that are just plain stupid.

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