Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Center for Teaching Excellence Management Group Agenda

Four assistant and associate directors report to me as Director, Center for Teachng Excellece. As some readers will know, CTE is responsible for much of 'academic computing,' for facilitating and celelbrating good teaching and for audiovisual support services of all classes and university events. In addition to regular duties, each manager has a regular professional development project, which is what we will be discussing tomorrow.

Here is the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

Management Group Agenda
February 8, 2007
Review of Professional Development Activities

[there is also a weekly quotation, but it didn't copy]

Good News
Updates for the CTE Calendar
Report from the University Library
Urgent items and announcements
Reports on professional development activities (4 min, with 2-3 minutes for questions)
[NOTE: The goal of these reports is to share what would be useful to other Management Group members. In planning your presentation, consider the following questions – I am not suggesting that you need to answer any or all of them specifically.]
• Since our last professional development meeting, what has been the focus of my professional development activities and why?
• Where do these activities fall on my professional development trajectory?
• What did I learn and accomplish?
• How will it make a difference, and to whom?
• What is its relationship to the work of CTE?

CTE Priority Projects (No reports – this is a partial list).
Fund raising; external support
Expanding the New Media Center
Envisioning and implementing CTE’s role in distance education at AU
Strengthening CTE’s Performance Management and Assessment Data Base by expanding its coverage, strengthening benchmarking and assessment and making it more user friendly
Creating, funding and institutionalizing a CTE customer relationship data base
Creating and funding a CTE Endowment Account
Strengthening and institutionalizing CTE’s role in videoconferencing
Institutionalizing the Teaching with Technology Award as a CTE responsibility – to be discussed

Upcoming Events and Dates
• 02 09 Provost’s Council
• 02 09 JR Dinner with ......
• 02 13 IT Security Task Force Meeting
• 02 15 Noontime Conversation: Teaching Our Best Students
• 02 22 Luncheon for Tenure Track Faculty – teaching evaluations
• 02 23 Provost’s Council
• 02 23 JR monthly meeting with Interim Provost Broder
• Spring Board of Trustees Meetings Feb 23, 24 ; May 18, 19
• 02 24 SSRL Seminar
• 02 27 Facilities Task Force meeting
• 03 24 SSRL Seminar


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