Sunday, July 09, 2006

Opening and envelope containing international plane tickets

Note - these late postings are due primarily by problems created for dormgrandpop by Cingular Wireless. Should you be considering a wireless carrier with the idea that they will provide support for international travel, you will see that Cingular advertises this. But the service provided bears no relationship to the service advertised and has been a great disappointment. I would research other options and check Consumer Reports before contracting with Cingular. Changing my service will be a priority when I return to the US.

29 June 2006
Opening an envelope containing international plane tickets
My first overseas trip – to Zurich, Hannover, through the South of France by Train and then back to Zurich brings back vivid memories. One of most vivid was when we – my wife, Jan, and I – opened an envelope from our travel agent and saw the fat packet of tickets with their distinctive red Swissair cover. With tickets in hand, we knew we were really going. Since then there have been – literally - hundreds more of these distinctive packets - bright yellow Lufthansa covers ticketing me to Frankfurt enroute to work in Berlin. The distinctive blue Pan American Globe, ticketing me on a ‘round the world’ trip that included stops in Vienna, Rome, Bangkok (for a State event with Dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife) Guam, Honolulu and home. The red and white TWA logo (my mother had been one of TWA’s first ‘hostesses’) ticketing a memorable graduation trip my daughter and I took to Paris, the South of France, Geneva, Paris and back to Paris. And then, beginning in 1987, many, many trips to Colombo, like this one.

Mostly paper tickets, like three of the four airlines mentioned above, are memories. And with many trips under my belt, over more than 30 years, I have become a bit jaded. But for some unexplained reason, removing a fat packet of Washington – London – Colombo tickets brought back the old feelings of adventure, as well as many of the old memories.

It was good to re-experience them.


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