Monday, September 11, 2006

Honoring former AU Provost and Interim President, Milton Greenberg

The Greenberg Seminars are an innovative series of workshops, spanning three years, that are intended to prepare AU students in terminal degree programs (PhD and MFA) for teaching. They are the brainchild of a remarkable AU ‘public servant,’ former Provost and Interim President, Milton Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg almost always attends the opening reception for the program he founded and it is one of my most pleasant duties of the year to welcome him. Here is this year’s welcome.

Now, about our former Provost and interim President, Dr. Greenberg. To speak about his past would do him injustice, because he is always looking to the future. Before attending this opening reception, I always read some of his columns and op-eds.

Americas Colleges should rank themselves
No time for teaching: is the academic year too short
Lame ducks, the scourge of academic administration
So you want to be an administrator

"In the university is not a business and other fantasies," he writes: Students with instant communication tools expect their faculty to be available instantly. This opens fantastic opportunities for new forms of interpersonal relationships and for collaborative learning on campus, off campus, among faculty and students on several campuses , and anywhere in the world.

In writings and speeches, always with a distinctive mix of idealism, realism and sharp humor, Milton Greenberg constantly exhorts and cajoles us to catch up with him.

One recent Greenberg article is subtitled: if you seek credit praise, love and appreciation, leadership is not for you.

This afternoon, I would like to welcome Milton with a paraphrase: If you seek credit, praise, love and appreciation, this event is for you.


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