Saturday, May 05, 2007

Contemplating Blackberry withdrawal

Contemplating Blackberry withdrawal
(A posting written last weekend)
Even though I would have preferred to stay longer in Hume, this was one of those special spring days when it was good to be on the road. I packed up early so I wouldn’t be rushed. I opened up the sunroof and vents on my still serviceable 1986 Honda Civic, tuned my ipod to a many-track Beach Boys album, plugged it in to my stereo speakers, turned up the volume and headed down the miles of country road that connect with route 66 East, enrooted to Washington DC. My Honda is definitely not a muscle or sports car, but it was easy to empathize with the guy in “My Little Deuce Coup” and the young lady in “She’ll have Fun, Fun, Fun ‘till her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away.”

About a third of the way through my trip, I realized that my Blackberry, which is now also my cell phone, was not in its usual place – for the rest of the trip I had to contemplate a week without portable internet connectivity – Blackberry withdrawal. Because I am at AU, I thought I could manage. I would simply carry my Mac Powerbook everywhere, giving me calendar access. I get relatively few phone calls, so I thought I could make it.

It turned out that had packed the Berry in my backpack, but it was good to know that I have not become a complete addict.


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