Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Speaking of Faith"

“Surviving the Religion of Mao” - A memoir of growing up in China by Anchee Min

“Obedience and Action” - A Benedictine nun for over 50 years, Joan Chichester discusses the role of women in the Roman Catholic Church and the satisfactions of the religious life

“Americas Changing Religious Landscape” - A conversation with public theologian and historian, Martin Marty

“Being Autistic, Being Human” - Author Paul Collins and his wife, Jennifer use the experience of raising their autistic son as a context for discussing autism and autistic people in history

“The Buddha in the World” - Indian Journalist Pankaj Mishra speaks of the Lord Buddha’s role, not as a religious figure but as a critical social thinker.

These are five titles, from a remarkable public radio program, Speaking of Faith, hosted by Journalist and Yale Divinity School Graduate Krista Tippett. On a fifteen hour round trip drive to Cleveland, I listened to a number of Krista’s "conversations," while enjoying gorgeous fall foliage. It was a grounding and mind expanding experience.

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Anonymous Ramrae said...

Krista Tippett will speak with Vanecia Wills-Leufroy on Nov7, 2-3pm
She will be discussing "Are the holidays really about faith?" on

8:49 AM  

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