Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sri Lanka day 4. Traveling wired

One of my first tasks, after arriving at an international destination, is to set up my computer, printer and other electronic devices. However Monday morning, I did not do a full set-up before walking to the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, where I most often work. All my electronic paraphernalia lay on the desk in my room as a disorganized pile for more than a day.

This lead me to compile an inventory of all this stuff and reflect on it. Here is the inventory:
1 Laptop computer (MacBook Pro, 17in.)
1 Transformer and cord for MacBook Pro.
1 Seven port USB (universal serial bus) hub
1 Transformer and power cord for USB hub
1 Six port switchable 220 volt surge protector and power strip
1 Canon ip90 portable inkjet printer
1 Transformer and power cord for printer
3 multiport converter plugs for Sri Lankan power outlets
1 converter plug for UK power outlets
1 converter plug for European outlets
1 externally grounded converter plug for US ourlets
1 220/240 to 120 volt power transformer
1 USB mouse
1 Blackberry and holster
1 mini USB charger cable for Blackberry (also can be used as a data transfer cable for camera)
1 transformer/charger and power cord for Nikon camera
1 Motorola mobile phone with Sim Card for Sri Lankan account
1 transformer/power cord for Motorola phone.
1 wired earphone and mike connector for Motorola phone
1 video iPod (doubles as a 30 gigabyte backup for computer)
1 data transfer/charger cable for iPod
1 spare inkjet cartridge
1 250 megabyte flash drive

Number of items: 23 (more if detached power cords are counted separately). Each of these items has an unique function that does make working while traveling more productive and efficient.

But when I list it al out, it does seem like a lot of stuff.


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