Sunday, January 04, 2009

Parenting as a spritual practice

The following ‘advice’ appeared in this month’s newsletter from Friends Meeting of Washington.  It was excerpted from Pendle Hill Pamphlet #396, by Eileen Flanigan, entitled  God Raising Us:  Parenting as a Spritual Practice.

God has continually used my two children to raise me out of selfishness and make more self aware.  Through them, God has taught me patience, surrender, and self control as well as testimonies of peace simplicity and integrity.  They have helped me find God, not just in silence and solitude, but in the midst of chaos and crying.  While I still have much to learn I have found that naming parenting as a spiritual practice helps me follow this path more consciously so I can pay attention to the lessons God continues to send my way.

I could say much the same thing about ‘professing as a spiritual practice,’ especially when it is combined with living on campus in a an undergraduate residence hall.

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