Saturday, December 01, 2012

Some Daily Tweets - moarly on the need for self improvement - and humility

I used to find time to post a blog nearly every day.  Committing to a disciplined daily practice of meditation and of system dynamics modeling has taken its place.  In adopting this regimen  I have been inspired by an acquaintance who has disciplined himself to practice a demanding athletic endeavour, without fail, three to five hours, at least six days week. Nothing is allowed to interfear. This reminds me of the “walking meditation” practice of a Thai Buddhist “forest monk” I have been studying.
In any case I have decided that a daily – or near daily – tweet is better than nothing.  And today, it occurred to me that a collection of daily tweets, which I keep on file, could provide a sort of composite blog, which follows.
(11/22) Theoretical understanding, acquired from learning differs from understanding based on wisdom as the earth differs from the sky. AM
Tweets marked “AM” from the biography of Thai forest dwelling Buddhist monk,
Ven. Acariya Mun. By Acariya Maha Boowa. Forest Dhamma (2010)
Two wolves are at war for my heart.  One loving and compassionate.  The other angry and resentful.  Which wins?  The one that I feed.
A Thanksgiving holiday reflection.
Family holiday gatherings, if long enough, provide opportunities for communicating unshared grievances.  Family bonds can be strengthened.
(11/24) The degree of success we have will depend on the amount of time and effort we put into practice.  No practice - no results. (AM)
(11/25) Buddha taught that we should never look down on others, holding them in contempt.  One day, our circumstances may be similar, or worse. (AM)
Kilesas - These mental defilements include include greed, hatred, delusion, passion, jealousy, envy... banish them!  A worthy goal.
Buddha teaches that we must fix ourselves before seeking to fix others.  This may take many lifetimes. The first step: Banishing Kilesas.
(11/26) A pathology of emails, social media, internet advertising - habituating us to lives that are entirely reactive. No intrinsic life purposes!
(11/27) A lifelong challenge: how to balance between helping others and working on oneself to be able to help others meaningfully
(11/28) To change the world, I must first change within myself.  That is the essential first step, the essential catalyst to changes without.

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