Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Its best to just get up and deal with it.

I am one of the world's soundest sleepers. This comes from being in the navy, I think. If you don't learn to snatch moments of sleep when you can, even if the ship is rolling 50 degrees (you tie yourself in bed, you don't survive).

So when wake up at 4:30 in the morning, stewing over a problem, I know I have a problem. In this case it is a problem created by an oversight of one of my best managers. I don't mind mistakes; to make mistakes is human. But I hate it when individuals don't acknolwedge their mistakes - or oversights - and take responsibility for them. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

At least I have learned not to lie in bed, worrying, trying - unsucessfully - to get back to sleep and then worrying about how tired I will be all day. IT IS BETTER TO GET UP AND DO SOMETHING.

Send a voicemail to schedule a meeting with my manager
Envision how I will deal with the problem and take responsibility for it.
Make a cup of Sri Lankan tea and savor it.
Write this blog.
Make my bed.
Iron a shirt or two (practice the Zen of shirt ironing)
Pray and listen - perhaps God will be available for some good advice
Read Ghandi
Lift weights
And get on with my day.

I haven't done all of this yet, but already I feel MUCH BETTER!


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