Saturday, November 20, 2004

Technology is not always friendly

This morning's computing experience.... sound familiar? - An excerpt from my message to the AU Help Desk. More positive thoughts later - when I get back in touch with my karma of reliable computing.

The scenario:

I logged in to the system from my Anderson Hall apartment, using the wired connection and was listening to WAMU

At about ten, I lost the signal and received the message "windows system error, IP address conflict with another system on the network." I turned on the radio.

At 11:00, thinking the problem might have resolved itself. I tried to restart my computer. It froze on the Novell Prompt.

At 11:10 did a hard restart of my system, disconnected the ethernet cable and activated the wireless link. I was not able to access the AU home page but was eventually able to get into it via google. Then, via the AU technology page I was able to get into Notes (which had previously not been available).

That enabled me to send this message, which is not a request for help, but simply a report of what happened to assist in possible diagnosis.

As for me, after 45 minutes or more of experimentation, I have done the only sensible thing. I have acknowledged that God is sending a clear message - do something else with your time than work on your computer. The work I had planned for this morning will simply have to wait.

Signing off.....

John Richardson


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