Friday, November 12, 2004

Unsung Heroes

Thanks for making Dormgradpop #1 on Daily Jolt’s List of AU Blogs – does anyone know how this ranking is compiled?

First a word about Sunday night dinner
· Still plenty of space for Dormgrandpop’s Moroccan dinner this Sunday night. The dish is called Keskou Fassia, Fez-Style Lamb Couscous. I will be making the vegetarian version with Mushrooms – my vegetarian staple and adding some dates and rasins. I hope they have Moroccan bread at the Whole Foods. I don’t think I will have time for baking. Our guest will be professor Albert Cheh from the Chemistry Department who won last year’s award for the best teacher in the general education program. The recipe is from The Africa Cookbook: Tastes of a Continent, by Jessica B. Harris. Two of my staff members gave it to me for Christmas, two years ago.
Unsung heroes
· My unsung heroes are the eight full-time staff members of the Audivisual Department (the department also has several part-timers). CTE took over the responsibility for audiovisual about a month ago and I have been getting to know them - Ron, Bob, Eric, Sheebie, John, Leeyton, Danny Tim, and Sonya. They are among the most committed and responsible AU staff members I know. And they get all too little recognition and support for their work: night and day, rain or shine. I am working to change that and you can help. When an CTE/AV staff member shows up in your classroom to help your professor get is web access or power point’s running, don’t hesitate to say “Thank You!”. If you see them trucking heavy equipment across the quad in the pouring rain, don’t hesitate to say “Thank you.” When they show up on Saturday morning or at 9 PM Friday evening to make sure that the sound system for your event is running properly, don’t hesitate to say thank you.
· Did know know that CTE/AV staff members processed over 10 thousand requests for service, last Spring. I didn’t.
· Did you know that AU has more than $700,000 of installed audiovisual equipment. I didn’t. And we need a technology replacement budget of about $250,000 for the next few years, which we don’t yet have – but we will.

The Hunt Ball
· Tomorrow morning I will be sprucing up my evening clothes to join my wife at the Old Dominion Hunt Ball in the evening. Since I don’t have time to ride in the hunt (foxhunting takes even more time – and money – than golf, which I also don’t play) I don’t get to wear a red dinner jacket or cutaway. But I will be able to admire the splendor of others, and to dance, which I have not done in several years. Fox hunting is an anachronism, but an elegant and beautiful one (If you are a fox, of course, you may see things differently).


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