Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tuesday tennis update and a sad sign of our times

As readers of this blog know, dormgrandpop and "the dean" have been playing tennis each week, early in the morning, rain or shine for many years. When it is raining, two bounces are allowed.

This morning's score:
First Set Second Set
The Dean 6 6
Dormgrandpop 0 3

Among my worst tennis days in months - I almost never lose two sets. However the weather was beautiful and my cold seems to be getting better, rather than turning into pneumonia, as I was beginning to fear, so life is good.

A Sad Sign of the Times -
I dropped my bike at Bicycle Revolution in Georgetown - a great bicycle shop - and today had a long conversation with the service manager. I bought it about three years ago and used it to commute when I lived in Arlington. He explained that it was getting 'too old' to make major repairs on and that bicycle manufacturers, like auto manufacturers and software vendors make most of their money selling new bikes rather that making repairs. He was obviously a man who loved his craft, but was wondering whether there would be a next generation of repair persons. One of the mottoes of the dytopian society described by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World was "ending is better than mending." We seem to be coming to this. Personally, I like to keep old things and fix them, so I may try to keep my bike running for a few more years rather than junking it. Apparently, there is no 'trade in market' because the liability issues are too risky for the vendors - another sign of the time.

Anyhow, I will be riding again soon, and hopefully not trying to answer my mobile phone at the same time.

A group of students asked me this evening if AU was doing anything special to involve students in the inagueration. A good question and, apparently, the answer is "no".


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