Wednesday, March 09, 2005

For what have I been chosen?

After asking everyone else where they were going for their break, as Anderson Hall emptied. I get to go on a short break myself – to spend a long weekend with my daughter, who lives in Florida. These visits are almost pure “hang out” time, which I really enjoy, even though I do bring my computer along and do some work. But I have to begin with a 6:30 flight from Baltimore. This means a 3:30 wake up. Great for beating traffic, but who wants to get up at 3:30 on a cold morning, even to go to Florida. It reminds me of standing the early morning watch at sea in the North Pacific.

A bigger trip is on the horizon- to Sri Lanka for the “launch” of my book, Paradise Poisoned: Learning About Conflict, Terrorism and Development From Sri Lanka’s Civil Wars. This culminates an eighteen year project, about which I have written before and a real threshold. For instance in my second marriage, there has never been a moment when this book did not loom. What will life be like?

The phrase “I am chosen” that my daughter in law chose to begin the card announcing Olivia Grace’s arrival keeps running through my mind. So for what have I been 'chosen'?

…to write this book

… or my other books

…to begin the faculty residence program at American University

…or to manage and improve AU’s technology support services

…or just to hang out with my daughter in Florida

…or what

All of us have been chosen for something. Part of life is discovering what?


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