Friday, June 17, 2005

My 45th College Reunion

I’m not sure what I expected from my 45th reunion so it would be difficult to say whether or not my expectations were fulfilled. For Dartmouth College’s leaders, especially those in the all-important Development Office, expectations are unambiguous. Reunions are held to reaffirm graduate loyalty to the college and translate that loyalty into substantial gifts. For a relatively small number of graduates, perhaps 30 or so, ‘the class’ becomes a major focus of energy and socializing. These graduates do the major work of fund raising on which the continued success of the College depends. My class was targeted to contribute $1,000,000, probably more than American University’s entire annual fund. For most other class members, reunions provide a brief period of nostalgia during which we can connect with an earlier, simpler, more “collegial” part of our lives. The trip was definitely worthwhile but it seems unlikely that ‘class will become a major focus for me. I stay connected with campus life in other ways, as readers know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a graduate from a school that has both continuing traditions that bond generations of students and a successful development program, don't AU's efforts at outreach and development seem pithy against its lack of committment to developing a campus community and sense of tradition? Putting the cart before the horse?

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