Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is it a Platonic date or an oo-oo date?

One of the fun things about living on AU’s South side is the Letts – Anderson quad, especially at night during the warm months. On the too-rare occasions that I hang out there, I always learn something that I didn’t know.

Tonight, a well dressed couple walked up to where I was sitting with a several students, and I learned that there are at least two different types kinds of dates. When the couple said they were going on a “date”, my friend asked, “Is it a Platonic date or an oo-oo date?’ The couple didn’t exactly answer but it it was clear an oo-oo date was what they were planning.

I asked what the difference was and everyone just laughed. But the impression that oo-oo dates were seen as being more fun was clear.


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