Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Big One

We rarely escape winter in DC without at least one major snowstorm. Some years ago, when I was between marriages, my son and I (he was an AU junior and senior) shared an apartment in the Berkshire’s sixth floor, overlooking Mass Avenue. Warm and cozy, possibly with a drink in hand, we would look out our window and watch commuters attempting to slide their way home with a certain air of smug superiority. Possibly, we would take a short walk together. Our footfalls might be the first to imprint the new snow.

I could have spent a cozy weekend in Anderson Hall, but there were obligations in Hume, despite my wife’s periodic reminders that I am a ‘city person.’ I wrapped up work about 8, took a brief nap, stopped to buy groceries for Sunday night’s chicken curry dinner (with vegetarian option) and arrived in Hume about 1AM, exhausted, but glad of the break. The first flakes were just beginning to fall. Saturday morning, there was shopping and now I am catching up on such mundane chores as bill paying and tax preparation.

The view from my second floor ‘silo’ study bears little resemblance to Mass. Avenue. Surrounding paddocks are an unblemished white. My neighbor, ‘Mike’ who revels in opportunities to drive his tractor is plowing the ‘private’ road we share with our few neighbors. No city services here! Last night our priest called to say that there would me no morning services at Leeds Chruch. Personal service! Foresightedly, I did park my car close to Leeds Manor road, which should be plowed. The snowfall is dwindling and the sky brightening, as forecasters predicted.

after mid-day I will hike up to my car, dig it out and (hopefully) join other weekend commuters, slipping and sliding back to city life.


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