Monday, March 06, 2006

Learn About My Book - Paradise Poisoned, Tomorrow Night (March 7) in the AU Batelle Atrium

As Dormgrandpop readers will know, I finished my book Paradise Poisoned: Learning About Conflict Terrorism and Development from Sri Lanka's Civil Wars, last Spring. Tomorrow there will be an on-campus event to present the book to the AU community and discuss some of the issues it raises. What follows is a note I wrote to the Resident Directors of with a request that they transmit the message to the Resident Assistants and to AU students.

Next Tuesday night at 6 PM in the Battelle Atrium, the School of International Service will be sponsoring a forum focusing on my new book: Paradise Poisoned: Learning about Conflict Development and Terrorism from Sri Lanka’s Civil Wars. Speakers at the forum, in addition to myself will be Ambassadors Teresita Schaeffer and Ravinatha Arysinha. The forum will be hosted by SIS Dean Louis W. Goodman, who will also serve as chair.

One of my CTE colleagues, Maeve Reed, will be distributing publicity materials to the RA’s in the residence halls. I would be grateful if you would encourage your RAs to attend and to bring their students. If they do bring students from their floors, according to whatever threshold you have set, perhaps this could count as a program. It will give students another window on the professional life of a faculty member they know well, making them aware that “Dormgrandpop” writes more than write his blog, cook dinners, hand out Klondike Bars and distribute candy during fire evacuations (not to denigrate those activities, of course).

Ambassador Schaeffer directs the South Asia Program of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, assuming that position after completing a 30 year career in the Foreign Service. She served as US Ambassador to Sri Lanka from 1992 to 1995 and Director of the Foreign Service Institute from 1997 to1997. She has published extensively on South Asia, focusing in particular on political economic issues. She has served as an Adjunct Professor in SIS.

Ambassador Aryasinha is Deputy Chief of Mission at the Sri Lanka Embassy to the US in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was the principal spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka, and head of the South Asia Bureau of the Foreign Ministry. Before joining the foreign service, he was a popular television personality in Sri Lanka. He is completing a doctoral dissertation in SIS, focusing on the influence of diaspora communities on the foreign policy of host nations.

Issues relating to conflict, development and terrorism are matters of concern to many of our students. Tuesday nights’ forum will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about these issues from three individuals who bring a wealth of academic study, plus extensive personal experience to the subject and have close ties to American University.


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