Sunday, February 26, 2006

End of productive weekend

I really do need the change of scene and change of pace that even a brief trip to Hume provides. My work, with workdays that begin with my morning AV briefing at about 6AM and often don’t conclude until after ten can leave me quite wrung out by Friday afternoon, with many household chores, like laundry and vacuuming still undone. Sometimes I drive to the country late Friday evening, but for the last two weekends, I have waited until Saturday morning. This weekend there were two reports to write, a Saturday evening ‘Renaissance Dinner’ sponsored by our small congregation and a baptismal church service on Sunday morning. The words of this powerful service are worth sharing, but I don’t have my personal copy of the Book of Common Prayer. I must order one.

This evening was my third faculty-student dinner. 12 students showed up, though there were no sign ups yesterday. We had good discussions about legalizing marijuana and reinstating the draft.

My lids are drooping, so I must conclude. Matter over mind – it happens!
I drifted off with hands on the key board. Tomorrow is another day and a busy one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John- I miss living with you in Anderson. Studying abroad in Jerusalem is amazing, but I miss your amazing meals and company. Hope all is well -
Jeremy aka former 4 South RA

9:51 AM  

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