Saturday, April 01, 2006

Experimenting with my new IPOD

(April 2, 2006)
It was only a matter of time until I ordered one – an IPOD that is. The Center for Teaching Excellence ran a ‘podcasting’ conference last fall that was surprisingly well attended. More than 70 faculty showed up on a Thursday morning. Podcasting lectures is clearly a genre that is in tune with the lifestyle of today’s students. And it provides an opportunity to review complex technical materials and then review them again. I hope to begin creating the basic elements of system dynamics modeling in 4 – 6 minute podcasts complete with video support. Perhaps I will podcast my book as well.

Though my reputation is a bit geeky, I do not rush to adopt the latest technology. I am realistic about the transition time and my own learning curve associated with a new platform or gadget. When I chose to switch from a Windows to a Mac platform, I know this would be followed by weeks or months of struggle, especially given the complexities of AU 1990s era software, Lotus Notes. There have been and many remain unresolved despite unstinting personal attention given me my dedicated OIT staff members.

But my IPOD was up and running in an hour and now, while writing about the experience, I am reveling in the sounds of the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge coursing through my stereo headphones. Ever since I was I small child, I have loved classical music – especially choral music, German opera and organ music., and much more in point of fact.

Podcast computer modeling modules may be a few weeks away, but in the interim, there will be an opportunity to reconnect with music that has been an important part of my life but from which I have drifted away. Perhaps I will background my lectures with the Beethoven 9th Symphony, the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor and arias from Mozart’s Magic Flute.


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Listen to an extended interview with Peter Likins at:

I started "podcasting" by listening to this one PBS cast. First rate.

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