Monday, April 10, 2006

Some good news and bad news for newspaper publishers

April 9, 2005
Last Monday or Tuesday The Washington Post ran an article about the use of blogging by university faculty members. A quotation from Dromgrandpop concluded the piece. That posting recounted a discussion about reestablishing the draft and legalizing Marahuana that took place at a recent Sunday night dinner. I concluded with the observation that ‘my eyelids were drooping’ – which they were, too, last evening as I wrote this. None of my more profound observations on love, death, forgiveness ort the meaning of life made the cut, however.

What interested me was the number of colleagues who called my attention to the article. The included most of my several Office of Intformation Technology staff members and a couple of faculty. Many are still reading the Post, obviously,

The good news for publishers was not unalloyed, however. The demographics of those noting the article did not include any students or others under 30 years of age.


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