Monday, April 10, 2006

A visit from Interim President Kerwin

April 9, 2006
Earlier this week, Interim President Kerwin paid a visit to the 3rd floor ‘Honors Lounge’ Anderson Hall. He arrived, without entourage, about 8 PM, for a mostly question and answer session that lasted until about 9:15. The event was somewhat sparsely attended – only 9 students turned out on a busy end-of-semester Tuesday evening - but other students noticed and appreciated that Dr. Kerwin had taken the time. “This is a novel experience at AU,” one student friend remarked to me, “the President is taking time to talk with students.”

Once students got the idea that Dr. Kerwin would either answer their questions directly or simply say that he wouldn’t, discussion was lively. Some questions focused on the duties of the President. A student wanted to know if President Kerwin would consider the AU Presidency permanently (he said it was too soon for him to make that decision). There were questions about the clean energy initiative and even about how late night fire alarm pulls could be reduced or eliminated on the South side of campus.

The next morning I ran into one of my student staff-members who had attended the session. “What did you think of President Kerwin and his presentation,” I asked?

“He seemed humble and practical,” was the reply.


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