Saturday, July 22, 2006

Waiting for the flight to London

Flights from Sri Lanka to anywhere never seem to leave at convenient times. The Oirientalists responsile for plane schedules always seem to focus on the arrival time, never the departure time. Tonight's flight leaves at 1:50, which requires an airport arrival time of about 11:00 and a departure time from Colombo of about 10:20 - I was packed early and my punctual taxi, Mt. Upali Sriwardene arrived early. Now its 1:05. The slick new business class lounge in the Colombo terminal has free wifi but I'm too exhausted to take full advantage. I just want to get on the plane and sleep!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sir - I know you are trying to keep your identity anonymous, but I was hoping to email you some questions about your blog. I assure you, I am not a mole from the university, nor do I have plans in place to sell your identity to the highest tabloid bidder. I'm just a college student hoping for some advice from someone in the educational field.

My email is - if you have a free moment, I'd hope to bother you about your experience as a professor. Thanks very much.


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