Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acknowledgement of AU’s Honors Program Director, who is stepping down

It was recently announced that the Director of AU’s Honors Program, who had served for many years, was stepping down. Since the Honors Program adjoined the Center for Teaching Excellence (now the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning) where I served as Director, I could witness the service rendered by this compassionate, effective leader from an unique vantage point. Seeking to capture what I had observed, I shared the following acknowledgement.

Dear [Director],

Though my mother always told me “It is better to leave the stage while the audience is still applauding.” I was saddened to learn that you will soon be completing your tenure as Honors Program Director. During the years we were “neighbors,” I came to appreciate - and greatly respect - the passion and sensitivity with which you carried out this critically important mission. You demonstrated that a commitment to the well-being of and fair treatment for students is not inconsistent with demanding academic requirements and high standards. There was never any doubt in students mind that you were in their corner, but like the “second” of a championship prize fighter, mopping their brows, staunching their wounds and sending them back into the fray. You will be greatly missed, though the business school will, no doubt, be enriched and strengthened by your full time presence.

With best regards and best wishes,




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