Friday, December 21, 2012

Sustainability in God's Creation - Don't Imagine its a Benign State!

My sister, a gifted poet,  and artist shared the following with me, not long ago.

Cruel crow!
You punctuate the sky.

You reave the nest of chicks,
Their gaping mouths
And tender throats
Glistening pink,
Swift morsels to the surety
Of your precise beak;
Fleet sustenance to a gravelly gullet.

Succulent bunnies
Plucked from their mother-fluff,
Who, like the Wrights,
Were never made to fly,
Discover flight, 
Then fright and then extinction,
All in the blink of a sharp yellow eye.

Your proud, coarse, sandpaper cry
Leaves no doubt
That you are about
Following God’s design
Of winnowing.



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