Thursday, October 24, 2013

Steve Jobs - He must be looking down at what is happening to the company he founded - and weeping

One of the things I have loved about Apple products was the simplicity and reliability of upgrades.  The most recent iphone upgrade was so different it has shaken me from my busy life to begin blogging again.  When I accessed the upgrade, I was informed that it would take, not the usual two to three minutes, but more than 30 minites.  There was no warning of this.  Trusting Apple, I decided to upgrade anyway, however my trust was unfounded.  The upgrade could not be completed.  It simply "timed out."  A thought came to mind.  The new Apple management chose to hire consultants from Micrtosoft to guide them.  "Show us how to do upgrades your way!" They asked their new hires.  My experience with the iphone upgrade was the result.  Would Steve Jobs have put up with this?  When he learned of it, not for a nanosecond.  As I said, he must be looking down at the company he once inspired and raging - or weeping.

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