Friday, January 21, 2005

This week's tennis update II - introducing Senior Pete

· I have two regular tennis partners. You have already been introduced to The Dean. The second I will call Senior Pete. In addition to being a tennis player, he is one of the world’s leading Latin American scholars and one of the most inventive, intelligent, humorous men I know. Washington is a fun place to live because such interesting people live here. I am not speaking of politicians, though some of them are interesting, as well.
· Senor Pete invents drills, one of which, the Net Game, is part of our routine. Only tennis players – and not all of them – would be interested in the Net Game rules. However I will report this morning’s scores.

Net Game Set

Senior Pete 3 6

Dormgrandpop 14 0

Senior Pete is a fierce competitor who plays virtually every day and studies the game intensely. More often than not, he wins, though I am rarely wasted as badly in the set that we play. Before moving to the country and Anderson Hall, I too, played virtually every day, but two days a week may be more sensible. I do get some exercise every day. Among other things, I almost never use elivators; running up stairs is a great way to work aerobics into a busy schedule and Hurst Hall, where my office is located is a great venue. Restrooms are in the basement (in Hurst we don't call the basement the 'terrace' ) and my office is on the second floor. This is great, unless one is handicapped or on crutches.

I left the office early and drove out to the country to meet the water pump technician. In the country, of course we have our own wells and have to be prepared to generate our own electricity as well, when windstorms and ice storms cut off power. No electricity, no water, no heat. It is supposed to snow early tomorrow morning, but the weather still seems beautiful and clear.


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