Friday, March 11, 2005

An interconnected world

Some of us, at least, come to take an interconnected world for granted. Sitting here, in the tranquil retirement enclave, where my daughter's purple house stands out among uniformily pastel ones, I can be (have been) connected to Rome, Sri Lanka, Washington DC with a few taps of my blackberry key or my daughter's DSL hookup.

Of course the connection is partly real and partly illusory. Those with whom I can connect represent a relatively thin veneer, a top a growing mass of humanity who remain unconnected - also, unfed (often) and unwell. I feel it is important to keep them in my consciousness, but hopefully not to allow this consciousness become immobilizing.

Anyhow, God has provded a day in the high 60s filled with sunshine and a clear sky. I need to accept this gift with a long bicycle ride along the beach front and then up the Pinellas trail. Perhaps this will help me to amass some peaceful karma, in preparation for three intense weeks in Sri Lanka and Washington that lie ahead.


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