Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Gift of Grace and Dormgrandpop's Remaining Fall Dinner Schedule

Here is a note I wrote to faculty last night announcing the appoitment of a new CTE Associate director. I omitted the name of my great colleague as is my custom.

This is been an intense week and I am still getting over my bronchitis - after nearly month! - which is why I havn't been bloging more. I played tennis this morning and triumphed over Senior Pete, which is pretty rare.

Parents weekend tomorrow and sat. I will be speaking about my book on saturday morning at 11:00 in ward I.

Here is my note.

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who read AU Today may have noted an announcement that -------- has been named the new CTE Associate Director for
Teaching and Learning Resources, replacing -----. As the
announcement says, ---- will be responsible for the more qualitative
aspects of CTE's mission, for the Ann Ferren Teaching Conference, for the
Greenberg Ph.D. Seminars and for overseeing the Blackboard Courseinfo

I subtitled this message 'a Gift of Grace' (a serendipitous blessing)
because the way --- came to be appointed is quite remarkable. I had known
him personally and he had worked with CTE for many years, but had not
applied for the position. One day, as I was mulling over other candidates,
Assistant Director Alaina Ledden came to me and said: 'what about ------
?.' She had be chatting with ----- a few minutes earlier. Further
inquiries made it clear that he was enthusiastically endorsed by every CTE
staff member. Then, for varied reasons, the other strong candidates had to
withdraw, leaving ---- as the sole choice. Rarely has a selection process
been so easy or so fortuitous.

----- had the mix of qualities I particularly sought in an Associate
Director: years of AU experience (including management experience), a
strong track record as an innovative teacher and a demonstrated commitment
to scholarship. Experience as a broadcast journalism professional - as
program host, news anchor, reporter and producer - further strengthened his
credentials. Effective communication is a theme that stands out in both
his teaching and professional work. ----- superb communication skills
have already been impressively displayed in three events that ----- has
hosted, including CTE's highly successful Pod Casting workshop.

----- has been on the job less that two months, but he has fit in so well
that I have to remind myself he has not been a CTE family member for two
years or more. You should seek him out (ext 2065) for help with teaching
or for innovative ideas that blend teaching and technology. But if you
don't, you will probably soon discover that he is seeking you out, both to
learn from you and to find out how CTE can serve you better. John's
serendipitous arrival in our midst is indeed, as I have said, a Gift of

A WORD ABOUT ANDERSON HALL DINNERS: Most of you know that I serve dinner
in my Anderson Hall Apartment, more or less on alternate Sunday nights.
Faculty members are always welcome, the food is good and it is a great
opportunity to mingle with AU students in their native habitat. If you
would like to join us give me or Mave Reed a call (X2117 ; X2346; 316
4682). We gather at about 8 PM Or, if it is a last minute thing, just
come.. Here is the schedule and remaining fall menus.

Sunday October 30. Moroccan Lamb and Vegetables with Cous Cous.
Sunday November 13. Paella, Philippine Style.
Sunday December 4. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

I hope the fall is going well for all of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Prof. Richardson. It's been forever since I've seen you. Things have just been really busy for me lately. If I don't see you before I will definately see you at your next dinner.


12:01 PM  
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