Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Tennis Update - Introducing Senior Pete

· I have two regular tennis partners. You have already been introduced to The Dean. The second I will call Senior Pete. In addition to being a tennis player, he is one of the world’s leading Latin American scholars and one of the most inventive, intelligent, humorous men I know. Washington is a fun place to live because such interesting people live here. I am not speaking of politicians, though some of them are interesting, as well.
· Senor Pete invents drills, one of which, the Net Game, is part of our routine. Only tennis players – and not all of them – would be interested in the Net Game rules. However I will report this morning’s Score

Net Game First Set

Senior Pete 3 6

Dormgrandpop 14 0

Senior Pete is a real student of the game who plays every day, something I used to do as well, when I lived within 3 minutes walk of the Arlington Y tennis and squash club. Now I am down to 2 days a week, which biking and climbing stairs filling in the gap, Not using elevators and running up stairs is a great way to interject exercise into an otherwise sedentary day at the office.

I left early for the country today, in order to meet the water pump man. In the country we pump our own water, of course. It was a crystal clear day, however snow, followed by snow and sleet, is forecast for tomorrow. If the forecast is accurate, I will need to return to DC early so I don’t get stuck.


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