Monday, January 24, 2005

This and That

The following is an excerpt from an email I wrote to my wife last night. It was part of an elegant blot that I crafted and then - reflexively - erased. It was getting late.

I did get to AU OK, but parts of the drive were about as unpleasant and dangerous a snow drive as I have experienced. As I left home, there was an interview with the Virginia Director of snow removal (or something like that). The woman cheerily explained how they had 600 salt trucks and 1200 plow trucks at the ready so that the interstates at least would be clear. Ha! After Manassas, the roads were far from clear, traffic was often bumper to bumper, visibility poor and the road deep in icy mush. Most drivers were conducting themselves sanely, except truck drivers, of course, and on SUV driver, near DC who obviously knew nothing about skids and fishtailed across 4 lanes of 495 other cars staying out of the way and praying. My big worry was that I would burn out my clutch, but my little car survived and delivered a safe passage three and a half hours after departure! I have never been so glad to pull into the AU parking garage. When I awoke from a brief nap about 5:00 the skies were clear and I wondered what the point of going through all of that had been, but the weather reports did say more snow at night.

As you surmised I did go out shopping later in the evening - the barriers to the Anderson courtyard were down and so I was able to bring my bags straight in, instead of having to port them 75 yards or so, which is the normal - and unwelcome - routine. And this morning, I was able to catch up on housekeeping chores that I often put off - laundry, ironing, sewing on buttons, vacuuming and, of course, cooking at a somewhat more relaxed pace than is sometimes possible when I begin at 3 or 4 on Sunday afternoons. I am always sorry to miss Church, however. What I am going to try and do on dinner weekends is to do much of the basic cooking Friday evening - so that it will be just heat and eat Sunday night.

Nothing profound, but that was my weekend. We had a great dinner last night we seven participants. This was the first of my new assistant, Anna, who is already fitting in and doing a great job. Check out her new bulletin board on the Tsunami.

Time to go back to my apartment. Its 9:30 and the end of a very long day. No Tennis with the Dean tomorrow. We have figured out a strategy for playing in the rain, but not when the court is covered with snow and Ice (except, occasionally, playing indoors.)


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